‘Blue Sunday’ 2022

Once again, I’m hosting my Tea Party For M.E. for people with M.E. and their family and friends. I strongly believe that we need and deserve as dedicated day of fundraising, but also a day where we can come together to mark and celebrate our resilience and our strength in the face of this cruel and life-altering disease.

On Sunday 15th May, people from all over the world will meet up online to chat and leave comments on each other’s posts. While doing so they’ll be enjoying tea and cake (or whatever their delicate digestive systems can manage) and donating what they can to M.E. charities and causes.

We are so often excluded from events because our symptoms can make it so difficult for us to leave the house, let alone spend an hour or two at an event. That’s why the Tea Party For M.E. has always had an online/virtual element running alongside any In-Person tea parties.

How to donate

Please visit the ‘Blue Sunday’ Donations tab where you’ll find direct links to the 10 M.E charities/non-profits who I am hoping to raise money for this year.

If you’d like your own JustGiving page (only available for Action for M.E, The M.E. Association, M.E. Research UK, or Invest in M.E. Research) please link it to my Blue Sunday Crew JustGiving team page.

How to join in

The premise is simple.

  • Wear something blue (pyjamas count!)
  • Dig out your best cups and saucers
  • Bake or buy your favourite cake
  • Post a photo of you little tea party set-up to social media
  • Invite your family and friends to enjoy tea and cake with you, in person or via video call
  • Donate the price you’d pay in a café
  • Connect with others online who are doing the same, by commenting on their photos and posts
  • Feel a part of my In-Person tea party as I upload photos and videos from the event I host every ‘Blue Sunday’. I am usually joined by over 70 tea party guests! For obvious reasons I have decided to have a much smaller tea party at home again this year
  • Print off the free Blue Sunday leaflet for your tea party guests

You can share your photos in the Blue Sunday 2022 Facebook Event or on Twitter and/or Instagram using the hashtags #TeaPartyForME2022 #BlueSunday2022

No video call?

Not hosted by me, no. My health *still* will not cooperate enough to allow that. But members of the M.E. community do host them and often open them up to anyone looking to join in with a tea party via video call.

This year, there’s a zoom meeting in the UK, a video call hosted by M.E. Action Network Maryland in the USA, and another in Australia. I have shared the details on my social media pages (check my Instagram highlight on How To Join In.)

Long covid

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, we are seeing a huge increase in people suffering with post viral illness. My own M.E is post-viral. I got a virus one day and I never got better. Although the virus was not covid-19, a lot of the experience seems to be much the same. Not least the lack of help or support, and the damaging and incorrect ideas about the illness being psychosomatic and exercise being incorrectly recommended as a safe and effective treatment.

‘Blue Sunday’ has always been open to everyone, although the charities we fundraise for will always be ME/CFS charities. It is likely though, that those charities are now including Long covid patients amongst those who they support and advocate for.

If you have Long covid, with or without an ME/CFS diagnosis, please know that you are very welcome to join us on the day.

A brief history of ‘Blue Sunday’

For more information about how the ‘Blue Sunday’ Tea Party For M.E. started visit the About ‘Blue Sunday’ page.

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