Foreign Territory

I feel like I’m doing a kind of social experiment now! So I’ve been on an online dating site for a week now. If someone messages with ‘Hi, how are you?’ I’m not massively impressed. Whereas if it’s clear from someone’s message that they’ve read my profile I will always reply. I’ve been asked onContinue reading “Foreign Territory”

Paul Tomkins – We are death, warmed up

I’ll admit it has taken me a few weeks to read and digest this piece of writing by fellow sufferer Paul Tomkins. You may have heard of him from football columnist fame. Now that I’ve taken it all in I wanted to share it with you incase you’d missed it. It is an incredible pieceContinue reading “Paul Tomkins – We are death, warmed up”

Are we the real Undateables?

This post is MUCH longer than I usually like to post. It may well come across as pessimistic. I’d prefer to think that it’s realistic. I don’t need to be told that there are lovely, caring, understanding people out there. I’m not an idiot. Dating can be eventful with or without health factors. These areContinue reading “Are we the real Undateables?”